Assessor Hub

Assessor Hub

Assessor Hub is a portal that provides account and EPC management for all energy assessors, including the review of current and archived certificates.

The software has been streamlined to provide rapid entry and review of RdSAP data either by desktop or iPad.  The software contains an embedded version of ecmk's approved RdSAP calculation engine which can generate draft EPCs an xmls at the click of a button.

Assessor Hub acts both as a gateway to the central EPC register, and as a conduit to allow information to flow to and from the scheme to Assessors.


  • Manage Surveys (including review of all previous EPCs and inspection reports)
  • Upload completed CPD
  • Search UPRNs by address
  • Request address addition to Landmark
  • Check whether an EPC is present at a property
  • View billing history & account details
  • Integrates with SMART Survey (eTech iPad App for EPCs, Floor Plan and Legionella Risk Assessments)
  • Easy UPRN address lookup
  • Integrated PCDF database for quick boiler searches
  • Ability to lodge & review the EPC before lodgement
  • Add site notes and photos directly to the report
  • Software operates on both PC & Apple iPad
  • Software can be used on any internet browser
  • Generate XMLs (Non Domestic, Aircon, DEC, SAP)
  • Create EPC & OA on Assessor Hub


Corporate Customers

Assessor Hub is powered by ASP.NET and an SQL database. It provides a set of web services that allow 3rd party applications to interface with the system electronically in order to:

  • Receive completed EPC certificates once surveys are completed
  • Retrieve all original input data captured by the DEA
  • Access to user guides and release notes
  • Access individual results from the EPC certificate for reporting purposes


If you are interested in integration with the ecmk accreditation scheme then contact us 0333 123 1418 or  for more information and a 'Getting started' pack.