EPC Manager

EPC Manager

EPC Manager is a website that provides account and EPC management for DEAs, including the review of current and archived certificates.

EPC Manager acts both as a gateway to the central EPC register, and as a conduit to allow information to flow to and from Assessors.

  • Manage Surveys (including review of all previous EPCs and inspection reports)
  • Log CPD
  • Search UPRNs by address
  • Request address addition to Landmark
  • Check whether an EPC is present at a property
  • View billing history
  • View account details
  • Change login password
Corporate Customers

EPC Manager is powered by ASP.NET and an SQL database. It provides a set of web services that allow 3rd party applications to interface with the system electronically in order to:

  • Allocate instructions to remote DEAs
  • Set appointment details for surveys
  • Receive completed EPC certificates once surveys are completed
  • Retrieve all original input data captured by the DEA
  • Access individual results from the EPC certificate for reporting purposes

If you are interested in integration with the ecmk accreditation scheme then contact us 0333 123 1418 or email info@ecmk.co.uk  for more information and a 'Getting started' pack.