Green Deal Advice Organisation

Green Deal Advice Organisation

ecmk is accredited by UKAS to act as a Certification Body to certify Green Deal Advice Organisations (GDAO). A Green Deal Advice Organisation could be any size from a large company to a sole trader.

A Green Deal Advice Organisation must be able to demonstrate conformance with the Specification for Organisations providing the Green Deal Advice Service.

All fees are payable in advance except for additional expenses which are charged separately. The Certification process is explained below:

Application & Desktop
  • Application Fee - £495 + VAT (includes Desktop Review, Head Office Visit and GDA Registration)

Once we have received your application and the invoice has been paid we will request copies of your Desktop Processes and Procedures. As an organisation you will need to show ecmk how you intend on implementing your procedures and how they comply with the clauses listed in the Specification for Organisations Providing the Green Deal Advice Service. A full list of what is required is listed in this Specification. Non Conformances are likely to be raised from your procedures of which we give you an opportunity to amend but also will be raised at the Head Office Visit.

Head Office Visit

The Head Office visit, involves an ecmk Auditor visiting you at your offices to review how you operate your systems and to ensure that you are following your own processes and procedures as stated in your documents. Non Conformances are likely to be raised at this visit but you will be given a report detailing what the Non Conformances are, what area of the Specification is not being followed, what action and evidence is needed to resolve the issues and also a date for when it will be resolved. Any major issues raised may require a subsequent visit which would be charged at the same fee. Once all Non Conformances have been resolved then Certification will be granted. At this point we will provide you with the Green Deal Quality Mark and you can start to operate as an organisation. However, we are still obliged to carry out Witnessed Assessments which are conducted within the first 6 months of Certification being granted and then every 12 months.

Witnessed Assessment

Witnessed Assessment Fee - £150 + VAT per assessment (plus expenses)

A Witnessed Assessment involves one of our Auditors accompanying one of your Green Deal Advisers and observing a full assessment. We will be monitoring the adviser against the Specification to ensure that it is being followed correctly. The amount of Witnessed Assessments that ecmk will carry out is based on the amount of GDAs that you have registered with the organisation. If any major issues are raised during certification, ecmk may need to carry out further Head Office visits or increase the amount of Witnessed Assessments required to ensure that your organisation complies with the Specification and fully understands what is required.