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The APEL route (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) has been developed specifically for very experienced practitioners – if you have been carrying out energy assessments for a number of years, APEL is probably the option for you.

You will need to produce evidence of your past work and evidence that you meet the criteria to be an accredited assessor – we will assess the evidence, advise you if there are gaps in your skills that you need to complete, provide you with top-up training in the software methodologies, if required, and finally welcome you into the Scheme.

If you think that APEL will be of benefit to you, you should have a preliminary discussion with ecmk. It would be helpful if, when talking to ecmk you have to hand information about yourself and your background (for example a current curriculum vitae).

For further information please contact the Accreditation team on 08456 123 999 or email