Dip in Domestic Green Deal Advice

Dip in Domestic Green Deal Advice

This full course is for those who are new entrants to the market and are required to complete the whole course.

The key elements:

  • Understanding RdSAP and producing EPCs
  • Principles, financing and the operation of the Green Deal
  • Undertaking home visits to carry out occupancy assessments
  • Preparing and issuing Green Deal Advice Reports
  • Explaining a Green Deal Advice Report

Our course covers all that is required to ensure that the advice supplied to homeowners is relevant and fits within the Green Deal Framework. Candidates must also assemble a Portfolio of Evidence to show their competence, including three Green Deal Advice Reports.  Each candidate is assigned a Qualification Assessor to guide them through this process. The Qualification Assessor formally assesses the Portfolio to verify that the candidate meets the requirements of the National Occupational Standards for a GDA.

Course format:

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Classroom training for RdSAP and producing EPCs (3 days)

  • Conventions and protocols
  • Construction and build-form
  • Heating - fuels - controls
  • Other technologies


Pre course online modules, covering Induction to the course, and the background and the components of the Green Deal and details of how to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence

Two days Green Deal classroom training, covering the conventions for collecting data and how to enter data into an approved piece of software. This includes dealing with homeowners, obtaining the information required for an occupancy assessment, providing the candidate with the knowledge to ensure they can work with homeowners to provide a Green Deal Advice Report relevant to their property

Six weeks working remotely with the guidance of a Qualification Assessor to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence and complete further online modules

1 day assessment session with the Qualification Assessor.