Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates

All buildings occupied by a public authority, over 1,000sqm floor area and with substantial access to the public, require a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) each year, which must be displayed prominently. Every seven years, they will also require an Advisory Report (AR) indicating areas in which they could make energy savings.  The EPBD is being recast by the EU and is expected to extend the requirements for DECs.


The DEC and Advisory Report are produced using a widely available Operational Ratings software package, ORCALC, which is free to download.


ecmk operates an Accreditation Scheme for Energy Assessors for Public Buildings, which will give you:

  • A licence to operate
  • A means of lodging the DECs and Advisory Reports you produce with the Central Register
  • Technical survey support
  • On-going training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • The assurance of a quality control process

You can qualify to join the Accreditation Scheme either by gaining the DipDEC award or demonstrating your experience of carrying out Operational Ratings assessments using the approved OR methodology - the APEL route.

All Energy Assessors need to be accredited to lodge EPCs.

Contact ecmk on 0333 123 1418 or email accreditation@ecmk.co.uk for further details.