DEA Software


DEA Software

ecmk develops software for the production and official lodgement of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) by Domestic Energy Assessors.  These applications are based on our BRE approved calculation engines, and are designed to be used either online or offline, so work can still be done where no internet connection is available.

Our energy assessment software is considered by our users as some of the best in the industry, and there is no additional fee to use it.  All you need to do to get started is accredit with ecmk - you only pay the lodgement fee and you can begin lodging straight away!

For more information on our DEA software products click one of the links below:

  • Assessor Hub -Desktop solution for home based data entry and management of a portfolio of properties. Requires Windows 7 or later PCs. An internet based application for reviewing and managing your accreditation account with ecmk.
  • SMART EPC - Available on Apple iPhone and iPad captures both RdSAP data on site and additional supporting observations, limitations to inspection and site photos.
  • SMART Floor Plan - Available on Apple iPhone and iPad the Floor Plan app enables DEAs to generate full floor plans with property descriptions on-site using an iPad.
Third Party Integration

The RdSAP calculation engine is also available under licence for external organisations to embed into their to own solutions. Contact ecmk on 0333 123 1418 or email for further details.

Assessor Hub provides a public interface for external clients to use it as a portal for the distribution of work and retrieval of completed certificates. Contact ecmk on 0333 123 1418 or email for further details.