Retrofit Assessor Scheme

Retrofit Assessor Scheme

ecmk are now operating a TrustMark approved Retrofit Assessor and Coordinator scheme which is overseen by the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme.

PAS 2035 is the new specification which came into effect on June 30th 2019, and is the overarching document in the retrofit standards framework which specifies the requirement for a holistic approach to the end-to-end delivery of domestic retrofit work.

It gives better clarification regarding the qualifications and responsibilities of individual retrofit roles and respective activities required prior to the commencement of the physical installation, ensuring standards are maintained and providing the consumer with a choice of high-quality, safe and trustworthy options when enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes.

PAS 2035, which spun out of the Each Home Counts Review, has been developed as the route that all organisations must follow if they are to operate as a TrustMark approved scheme and carry out domestic retrofit work.

This new framework provides a ‘whole building’ approach to the retrofit process by looking at the home, environment, occupancy and the householders' improvement objectives when determining suitable measures to install, rather than the retrofit work being considered in isolation which could potentially affect the overall building performance.

By ensuring that funding from banks and lenders is used towards good quality work which will actually improve the energy efficiency of housing, PAS 2035 is designed to improve the quality of retrofit work carried out on domestic properties.

Working closely with TrustMark, ecmk is to deliver two new TrustMark schemes which will support the retrofit roles introduced by PAS 2035.

These include ‘Retrofit Assessor’ and ‘Retrofit Coordinator’ which will help individuals to deliver quality retrofit projects in accordance with the new industry recognised standard.

Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators must be certified by an approved scheme, such as ecmk, to deliver retrofit work in accordance with PAS2035.

Becoming a retrofit assessor through ecmk will mean that you are fully qualified to work on retrofit projects and use the Trustmark quality mark of approval.

To become a Retrofit Assessor with ecmk you must be a qualified Level 3 DEA and have attended ecmk’s in-house Retrofit Assessor Training Course – dates and more information will be published on the ecmk Training Calendar.

To become a Retrofit Co-ordinator with ecmk you should possess the OCN Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Co-Ordination and Risk Management awarded by Retrofit Academy.












Retrofit Assessor Accreditation

£199 + VAT per year

£99 + VAT administration fee for the first year on joining. (This fee is not applicable to those who have trained with ecmk)

Lodgement Fee: £5 + VAT

Retrofit Co-ordinator Accreditation

£299 + VAT per year

Lodgement Fee: tbc

To join either scheme please contact us here ( or telephone 0333 123 1418 for an application pack.