Scheme Operating Requirements

Scheme Operating Requirements

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) became part of EU law in December 2002.

The documents below set out the Secretary of State's current requirements for the operation of those organisations who are approved by DCLG to operate an accreditation scheme for Energy Assessors.  These Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs) cover areas such as:

  • Ensure that members of the Scheme are “fit and proper” persons to undertake energy assessments and that they operate within a code of conduct as defined in Appendix 1.2 which is actively enforced by the Scheme.
  • Ensure that members of the Scheme are qualified to undertake energy assessments.
  • Ensure that members of the Scheme have in force suitable indemnity cover.
  • Ensure that members of the Scheme use operational procedures that ensure consistency and accuracy of energy assessments.
  • Maintain active quality assurance procedures that are calculated to ensure so far as is reasonably practical that the other provisions listed here are delivered.
  • Facilitate the resolution of complaints against members of the Scheme.
  • Implement disciplinary procedures in a proportionate and reasonable manner.
  • Establish and maintain a register of members.
  • Ensure financial probity, financial stability and operational resilience of the
  • Scheme.
  • Allow DCLG to monitor the Scheme periodically to ensure that it continues to comply with the terms of its approval and delivers compliance with the legislation.
  • Maintain suitable administrative and operational systems that are applied in a consistent, fair and open way that is compliant with all relevant legislation.
  • Meet other requirements that DCLG has specified from time to time, and in line with the “Approval Letter”.

Each strand has its own SOR.  Click on the icon below to find the full document.

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