Changes to lodgement fees for Scotland

Changes to lodgement fees for Scotland

Changes to lodgement fees for Scotland:

The Scottish Government has announced that it will be amending the statutory fees for the lodgement of energy performance data to the Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register.

The statutory fees will be as follows:

Lodgement of data for domestic assessments will change from £ 1.15 to £ 2.60.
Lodgement of data for non-domestic assessments will change from £ 5.36 to £ 12.10.

The amendment regulations, together with accompanying information, can be found here.

This change will apply to all lodgements made on or after 1 October 2017.

Accordingly, the charge for lodgement of energy improvement data used to produce Action Plans, Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Report will change to match this amended fee.

Action Plan and DEC/AR production in Scotland – register lodgement fee and EST invoicing:

The same lodgement fee is charged for lodgement of data for:

An Action Plan;
A Display Energy Certificate;
An Advisory Report; or
A combined Display Energy Certificate and Advisory Report.

From 1 October 2017, the lodgement fee chargeable is a total of £ 12.10, the same headline cost as the amended Non-domestic EPC lodgement fee. As this is not a statutory fee, set under regulation, this total includes VAT at the standard rate.



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