RdSAP Conventions - version 10.0

RdSAP Conventions – version 10.0

Please be informed that new RdSAP Conventions have now been issued:

Conventions (v 10.0) for RdSAP 9.92 and RdSAP 9.93.

Download the latest version of the SAP conventions here.

These conventions, which apply to assessments in England and Wales only, must be applied by all DEPC accredited Energy Assessors. This also applies to those Energy Assessors currently in training. To enable Accreditation Schemes, Energy Assessors and training providers to manage the implementation process successfully please note that the 'new' conventions must be applied on the same date. For audit and management purposes, the conventions must be applied on the dates shown in the 'Implementation Date' column on the right-hand side of the table. These conventions will be included as part of future quality assurance checks of the assessments that have been undertaken and the EPCs produced thereafter.

Please note: Amended and additional conventions (v10.0) are indicated by the light blue background.

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