SBEM - New release for Scotland (iSBEM v5.2.f)

SBEM – New release for Scotland (iSBEM v5.2.f)

Please be advised we will be releasing iSBEM v5.2.f on Friday 6th February on the current NCM website .


The new release of iSBEM_v5.2.f includes the calculations for producing the Scottish 2015 Section 6 compliance check and the associated Scottish EPC. Note that these Scotland assessments should be used for demonstration purposes only until the 2015 Building Regulations come into force on 1st October 2015. For compliance checks with the current Section 6 (2010) and Scottish EPC XML files for lodgement, iSBEM v4.1.e should continue to be used.


For all queries related to the Scottish Building regulations, or the use of the iSBEM software to carry out calculations for Scotland, please contact the Scottish Building Standards Division .


iSBEM_v5.2.f also includes all the purposes of analysis that were in iSBEM_v5.2.d, and these have not undergone any changes. Therefore, this version can be used for the following purposes of analysis:


  • Compliance with Part L 2013 in England
  • EPC England
  • Compliance with Part L 2014 in Wales
  • EPC Wales
  • Green Deal (for buildings in England or Wales)
  • Jersey Building Bye-laws Part 11.


The previous version iSBEM_v4.1.e should still be used to carry out:


  • Compliance checks for Part L England & Wales 2010, Scottish Building Regulations 2010, Northern Ireland Building Regulations 2012
  • EPC Scotland, and EPC Northern Ireland.


iSBEM_v5.1.c can be used to carry out Green Deal assessments for buildings in Scotland.


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