Upcoming release of iSBEM_v5.4.a

Upcoming release of iSBEM_v5.4.a



Please be advised that we have received instruction from DCLG that a new public version of the iSBEM software (iSBEM_v5.4.a) will be released today - Monday 20 November 2017, alongside a revised edition of England’s 2013 NCM Modelling Guide.


This software version will include the modifications already incorporated into the beta version, iSBEM_v5.4.a_beta, which was released on 5th October, in addition to the following:


  • Modified specifications for district heating in England’s 2013 Notional building, which follow the revisions of said specifications in the 2013 NCM Modelling Guide.
  • Slightly modified NCM Constructions Database in view of the publication of the SAP 2016 consultation response.


Please note that iSBEM_v5.4.a will maintain the same purposes of analysis offered by iSBEM_v5.3.a.

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