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Government sites

Defra - the goverment department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Here you can find information about energy efficency, combined heat and power, and fuel poverty.

CLG - the Government Department for Communities and Local Government. Formerly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Contains information on Building Regulations, including Part L.

Energy Performance Certificates - Directgov is the website of the UK government providing information and online services for the public.

Find an Energy Certificate - the Government service for finding energy certificates and recommendation reports for properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Other sites

EST - the Energy Saving Trust. EST encourage energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Building Energy Performance Assessment support website - used in ecmk Software.

The Carbon Trust -  whose mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with organisations to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.


PropCert completes EPCs nationally through a network of accredited energy assessors.

Their clients require energy performance certificates and PropCert covers every UK postcode. PropCert partners with ecmk as their accreditation body in order to lodge EPCs, provide technical support and quality auditing.

PropCert has invested significantly in technology so that we have a bespoke portal that allows our clients, often estate agents and local authorities, an easy solution for placing orders for EPCs and other property services. From the PropCert portal they can track orders, get real-time updates and store their certificates.

‘Here at PropCert we lodge a high number of EPCs through the ecmk accreditation body. They’re technology is excellent which makes processes so much easier. Whenever I need to speak to a member of the team I always find them very helpful.’

Tom Harrington, Managing Director, PropCert.

More information can be found on the PropCert website.