DCLG Notification - Smart Auditing Trials

DCLG Notification – Smart Auditing Trials

Comms to members regarding Smart Auditing Trial

We are trialling a new auditing regime during the three months starting 1st April 2016.  We have called this smart auditing and this communication tells you what will happen.

Following the attached letter dated 29th March 2016 from DCLG regarding the start of a smart auditing trial,  as of 1st April 2016 all Accreditation Bodies will be running a DCLG approved trial on Domestic EPC audits for England and Wales.

Smart auditing takes a risk-based approach as opposed to the current random approach to audit selection.  This means Schemes will be focussing their auditing on EPCs showing unusual data input combinations; for example, pre-1900 properties with cavity walls.  Of course in some cases these data input combinations may be valid, but it is felt that by searching out these EPCs, Schemes will be able to identify learning issues and quickly make a significant improvement to the accuracy of the EPCs on the Central Register. The purpose of the trial is to help DCLG and the industry understand how smart auditing may work in practice, so as to help drive and improve the Quality Assurance regime. It is intended that the trial results will feed in to revisions of the audit regime defined in the Scheme Operating Requirements.

Each Accreditation Body will call 100 smart audits each month, from the previous month’s lodgements (so the trial will start with lodgements in March 2016), and the trial will initially run for 3 months, but may be extended based on outcomes and agreement with DCLG.


Smart auditing trial overview

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