The Future of EPCs in Scotland following the EU Referendum

The Future of EPCs in Scotland following the EU Referendum

A note issued by Building Standards Division in reference to the statement the First Minister made to Scottish Parliament in light of referendum results

“Energy performance certificates (EPCs), introduced nearly 10 years ago, formed part of the EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings.  Although there is current uncertainty with regard to our position in Europe, we can confirm that EPCs are closely linked to the delivery of a number of government policies, including the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.

From 1 September 2016, the improvement of the energy performance of existing non-domestic buildings (section 63 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009) will commence.  This policy is founded on procedures that are linked to EPCs.  We have also been developing proposals for consultation in this parliamentary session on standards for energy efficiency in private sector housing, with the working group proposing that these be linked to the EPC process in some way.

Please be assured, the Scottish Government is committed to tackle climate change, EPCs are a useful tool for assisting with delivery on these obligations.”

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