Energy Assessors wishing to produce Inspection Reports for central air conditioning systems will need to gain this qualification. This will allow them to be accredited as Level 4 Air Conditioning Energy Assessors (ACEAs). All air conditioning systems with rated cooling power over 12kW require an Inspection Report.

A Level 4 ACEA is able to assess complex, central air conditioning systems, as well as simple unitary, split and multi-split packaged systems and all variable refrigerant flow systems.

Level 3 and 4 ACEAs are required to follow CIBSE TM44 in inspecting the system and to submit Inspection Reports to their Accreditation Scheme using a standard report template.  There are currently two software packages available to help ACEAs produce the report. The course includes full training in the TM44 methodology and in the use of the software to produce the Report. It also includes the opportunity to assess a real air conditioning system under the guidance of ecmk's trainers.

Candidates must also assemble a Portfolio of Evidence of their competence, including Inspection Reports for four real systems. Each candidate is assigned to a Qualification Assessor to guide them through this process. The Qualification Assessor formally assesses the Portfolio to verify that the candidate meets the minimum requirements of the National Occupational Standards for an ACEA.

Finally, all candidates must pass a short external examination set and marked by ABBE (The Awarding Body for the Built Environment).

Course format:
  • One day induction covering the legislative background, an introduction to the TM44 methodology and details of how to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence
  • Three days training on refrigeration technology, systems and components and common faults of packaged air conditioning systems, the TM44 methodology and use of the software to produce Inspection Reports. This will include a practical session, including an assessment of a real system under guidance from ecmk's trainers
  • Four days training on the technologies, components and systems associated with central air conditioning
  • Three to six weeks working remotely with the guidance of a Qualification Assessor to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence
  • The ABBE external examination.

Candidates for this award must have some experience of air conditioning systems.  This can be demonstrated from their CV, in which case we would expect a minimum of one year practical experience of air conditioning systems.  Alternatively, candidates may hold the Level 3 DipACEA or Level 4 DipNDEA award and must in that case have a minumum of six months active experience and must have lodged at least six EPCs for air conditioned buildings or six Level 3 Inspection Reports.

Course Duration:

The course duration is 5-8 weeks.

For further information, please call our sales team on 0333 123 1418 or email support@ecmk.co.uk