Cert NDEA Level 3

Cert NDEA Level 3

Energy Assessors wishing to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for simple, existing commercial buildings will need to gain this qualification. This will allow them to be accredited as Level 3 Non-Domestic Energy Assessors (NDEAs). All buildings now require an EPC when sold or rented to a new tenant.

A Level 3 NDEA is able to assess existing buildings with smaller heating systems (up to 100kW) and comfort cooling systems (up to 12kW) and "typical" construction and lighting systems. In practice this would include most "domestic scale" shops, offices and workshops, which make up the vast majority of commercial buildings. Existing buildings with larger heating or cooling systems, more unusual construction and newly-constructed commercial buildings require a Level 4 or 5 NDEA to produce the EPC.

Level 3 and 4 NDEAs are accredited to use the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) - a standard methodology for the assessment of commercial buildings. The course includes full training in the SBEM methodology and in the use of the government-approved iSBEM software to produce the EPC. It also includes the opportunity to assess a real building under the guidance of ecmk's trainers.

Candidates must also assemble a Portfolio of Evidence of their competence, including EPCs for three real buildings. Each candidate is assigned to a Qualification Assessor to guide them through this process. The Qualification Assessor formally assesses the Portfolio to verify that the candidate meets the minimum requirements of the National Occupational Standards for a NDEA.

Course format:

3 days in the classroom covering:

  • induction including the legislative background, an introduction to the SBEM methodology and details of how to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence
  • building construction and services, to enable Assessors to recognise the construction types and building services found in typical, simple commercial buildings
  • iSBEM software training including the conventions of data collection and entry
  • practical session including an energy assessment on a real building under guidance from ecmk's trainers.

Plus three to six weeks working remotely with the guidance of a Qualification Assessor to assemble the Portfolio of Evidence.


There are no pre-qualifications to attend this course, however experience of energy assessment or inspection of large commercial buildings would be an advantage.

Course Duration

The course duration is 5-8 weeks.

The iSBEM software is free to use, subject to licence. However, once qualified, many NDEAs choose to use alternative, commercially available SBEM software, for which a licence fee would be payable directly to the software provider.

For further information, please call our sales team on 0333 123 1418 or email support@ecmk.co.uk