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BSI public consultation for PAS 2035 standards update

BSI public consultation for PAS 2035 standards update

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The British Standards Institution (BSI) has opened a public consultation on revisions to the current version of PAS 2035. The changes proposed aim to improve processes and provide clarification around the Retrofitting of homes across the UK, to improve energy efficiency, with a more effective way of working.

The update supports a ‘whole house approach’ rather than a measure-by-measure basis and aims to provide clarity against some of the current technical inconsistences along with simplification to some of the requirements. It aims to maintain high standards to ensure homeowners are protected against poor quality retrofit advice and installations.

What is PAS 2035?

PAS 2035 is the framework that drives the standards for the retrofitting of existing buildings in the UK, providing guidance and best practice on implementation, supporting a ‘whole house approach’ .

PAS specifies requirements for retrofit of dwellings, including:

  • Assessment of dwellings for retrofit
  • Identification and evaluation of improvement options (energy efficiency measures, or EEMs)
  • Design and specification of EEMs (whether individual measures or packages of multiple measures)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of retrofit projects

Some of the key changes to the update include:

  • More emphasis on the ‘whole-house’ approach – increased reference to a Retrofit Contractor
  • Clarification on the Retrofit Coordinator role
  • Bolstered guidance and requirements for climate resilience and adaptation
  • Contents of a Medium-Term Improvement Plan to be a requirement instead of guidance
  • Changes to risk pathways for simplification
  • BEIS Retrofit technical guides to be included as references

For full details on the BSI consultation, please click here.

Please note that the deadline for public comment is the 12th May 2023.

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