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If things go wrong...

How to make a complaint - and what happens next

If you are not satisfied with the results of your energy assessment or with the conduct of your energy assessor, you may make a complaint to ecmk. Any complaint that you make is free of charge to you and will not affect your statutory rights.

The first step is to write to ecmk, by letter or email, at the address shown below – or you can telephone us on 0333 123 1418 and speak to the Scheme Manager. We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two working days and give you a reference number.

Our Scheme Manager will then investigate the complaint with all relevant parties and respond to you with the results of the investigation, in writing, as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied by the response, you may write to ecmk’s General Manager, who will look into the initial investigation and response and respond to you with his findings, in writing, within five working days.

If you are still not satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with fully, you may ask for the matter to be referred to an Independent Appeals Panel, comprising three senior professionals from the built environment industry, nominated by ecmk. These will be independent of ecmk, the Energy Assessor and yourself. You will have the right to nominate one alternative member of the Independent Appeals Panel to replace one nominated by ecmk, provided the nominee is also independent of all parties and agreed by ecmk.

The Independent Appeals Panel will consider whether or not the complaint has been dealt with in accordance with ecmk’s formal complaints procedure and will report back to ecmk within fifteen working days. If any further action is recommended by the Independent Appeals Panel, we will complete it and report back to you within a further five working days.

At any point in the process you will be able to contact ecmk’s Scheme Manager or General Manager to discuss the progress of the complaint.

You can view ecmk’s Complaints Procedure by clicking on the COMPLAINTS tab at the top of the page.

If you wish to write to us, please address correspondence to: The Scheme Manager, ecmk Ltd, Fore 2, 2 Huskisson Way, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4SS or email to The Scheme Manager and General Manager may be contacted on 0333 123 1418.