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Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) Accreditation

Becoming a NDEA

All Non-Domestic Energy Assessors need to have completed Level 3 Certification in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment or Level 4 Diploma in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment. Once you are a qualified, you can join ecmk’s Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) accreditation scheme.

By joining ecmk’s NDEA accreditation scheme you’ll have a licence to operate as a NDEA and have an effective means to lodge your EPCs to the Central Register, with the assurance of quality control. You will also gain access to other services ecmk has to offer.

NDEA Level 3

Level 3 NDEAs are qualified to assess simple, existing commercial buildings such as shops and office units.

NDEA Level 4

Level 4 NDEAs are qualified to assess newly constructed and more complex existing commercial buildings.


ecmk offers NDEAs the option of using a range of software packages. Level 3 and 4 NDEAs may use commercial SBEM applications from Builddesk (Carbon Checker), Design Builder and G-iSBEM as well as the free-to-use iSBEM interface. We are able to work with all major software suppliers.

Non-Domestic EPC lodgement fee


Fees are subject to VAT and exclude central register fees.

Reason to join

Competitive lodgement fees

Market-leading software

Technical support helpline

4 hours free CPD every year

Top-up CPD sessions

Technical bulletins

Get accredited

Join our professional and supportive accreditation schemes and benefit from our technical assistance and continued professional development.
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