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SMART Floor Plan App

Generate accurate floorplans

Our SMART EPC App integrates seamlessly with premium floor plan software PlanUp enabling rapid and accurate generation of onsite floor plans. DEA’s can create floor plans incorporating floor area calculations and heat loss perimeters (HLP), which are automatically mapped over into the EPC survey.

For more information about the EPC functionality, watch this PlanUp video.


  • Create standalone floor plans or integrate them with an EPC survey
  • “Simple to use with tap and drag” functionality to build a floor plan
  • Produce high quality 2D/3D Floor plans and accurate assessments
  • Data entered & produced, automatically pre-populates the EPC survey
  • Build data including party walls, alternative walls, lighting & extensions
  • Automatically calculate heat loss perimeters (HLP) and floor areas
  • Floor plan image is inserted into the EPC record of inspection as evidence

Reasons to use our software

Numerous EPC calculations

Generate floorplans quickly

Seamless integration

Looking for more information? We can help.

Our team are happy to answer any questions about software and our accreditation schemes.